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Senior News - Courtesy of the New York Times

What’s the Right Age to Read a Book?

The novel that rocked your world when you were 15 may leave you baffled and disinterested 30 years later.

Review: Deirdre O’Connell Loses Her Grip on Reality in ‘Terminus’

Ms. O’Connell delivers a heartbreaking performance as an older woman struggling with dementia in this drama infused with Southern Gothic horror.

When Is Parole a Good Idea, and When Not?

Criminal justice experts discuss parole in terms of recidivism and human rights.

America at Home: Grandparents in the Attic, Children in the Basement

Multigenerational and shared housing arrangements are on the rise, reversing a decades-long trend.

Come for the Herring, Stay for the Chitchat: An Unlikely Haven for the Aged

An uproar among older Hamburg residents over the fate of a cafeteria speaks to the challenges older Germans face in finding spaces in modern society.

A Perfect Storm for Broken Bones

Untreated osteoporosis could spawn an epidemic of bone fractures, hospital and nursing home admissions, even premature deaths.

‘Aging Pride’ Challenges the Cult of Youth

An exhibition at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna explores shifting attitudes toward beauty and age as populations grow older.

If Immigrants Are Pushed Out, Who Will Care for the Elderly?

Nearly one million immigrants are taking care of elderly patients. Many caregivers may lose their protected status; others may choose to leave an increasingly restrictive country.

Deadly Fire Undermines South Korean Leader’s Vow to Make Country Safer

The fire that killed at least 37 people comes as President Moon Jae-in’s approval ratings are falling over his decision to form a unified Olympic team with North Korea.

Sugary Shakes in the Hospital Aren’t Good Medicine

Food has the potential to be some of the best medicine. But not the kind of sugar-laden drinks ubiquitous in hospitals.