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Senior News - Courtesy of the New York Times

Are You Old? Infirm? Then Kindly Disappear

Nancy Root opened my eyes to the dismissive way we treat too many people. Maybe she can open yours.

Asked About Retiring, They Have a Simple Answer: Why?

A growing number of Americans are working well past the age of 75, for a variety of reasons: Some want to make a contribution, some need the income, and some just love their jobs.

Easing the Burden on Caregivers

A new program in Hawaii will provide stipends of up to $70 a day to people caring for an elderly family member at home.

The Best and Worst Cities for Retirement

Retiring soon? Here are 10 cities to consider moving to — and 10 to possibly avoid.

The Surprising Effects of Loneliness on Health

Scientists are gaining a more refined — and surprising — understanding of the effects of loneliness and isolation on health.

Lives at Risk Inside a Senior Complex in Puerto Rico With No Power

Conditions at the largest housing project for low-income seniors on the hurricane-ravaged island illustrate a health crisis for the most vulnerable.

For Older Venezuelans, Fleeing Crisis Means ‘Starting From Zero,’ Even at 90

As a dire economy drives migration, Venezuelans in their retirement years are joining the exodus, a journey fraught with worries over health care, employment and leaving a country they love.

Welcome to China’s Florida: Sun, Sand and Retired Snowbirds

Rising incomes allow China’s growing numbers of aging people to become snowbirds in the south — enjoying life post-retirement in a way previous generations never imagined.

Under New Tax Plan, the Cost of Aging Could Rise

If the tax bill removes medical expense deductions, many people could lose over $10,000 annually.

Some Older Smokers Turn to Vaping. That May Not Be a Bad Idea.

Tobacco use is hazardous at any age, but older smokers are particularly vulnerable to the health effects. More of them are exploring an alternative: e-cigarettes.